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Hey! My name is Kortnee VanCleave and I am a hair stylist. I've been professionally pursuing hair as my career now for almost 7 years now, but in reality I've been doing everyone else hair for many years prior to that. When I was younger I remember sitting in front of the mirror in my room playing with different types of braids, messing with different techniques to achieve different types of curls with my flat iron and I was always the first person my friends would call up if they needed their hair done for a special event. I never really considered being a hair stylist as a career path much growing up because my family was always so big on going to college and getting your degree, so for me it was just a hobby until I got to college and figured out that I was not the college type. My creativity was too big to be contained in a classroom or spending hours on end studying or looking at a computer monitor. Half way through my second semester, the creativity bubbled up to the brim and I couldn't contain it anymore. It was in that moment I decided to stop going to class and enroll in the first beauty school I could step foot in - and boy, was that the best decision I have ever made! Since then, I created my own brand, learned how to run my own business, build my own website, create my own logo, orchestrate a functional calendar with all of my clients, create my own schedule, be my own boss and on top of all of that, I learned how to do all of that while being a single mother. This adventure has taught me so much about myself and life than college ever could have. I am now in a career that I am passionate about every single day. I not only get to pursue my creative outlet as a way to pay my bills, but I also get to help men and women feel beautiful about themselves. ...more

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Showcasing in Dallas, TX
REFLECT at House of Blues Dallas – Mar 19, 2019 @6:30PM