Israel Isas

Film – Dallas, TX

A product from the late 80s and a child of pop culture I am a dreamer and a visual storyteller. I am firm believer that you don't need words when you can simply express it visually. Growing up a spanish speaker in an english speaking world has taught me to recognize visual cues. Took art classes most of my life and wrapped it up by going to the Art Institute of Dallas in which I was taught to harness my creativity, embrace failure, and to never give up. I tend to break away from the boundaries of traditional photography, I capture my subjects in new and exciting ways. From shooting to post production, I am fully hands-on and in control of every artistic aspect, creating my bold recognizable style. My work spans various mediums, harnessing the power and creativity of cutting edge techniques through photography, video and motion design. I've been honored to work with great talents like New Boyz, Michael Johnson, Dustin Cavazos, A.Dd+, and Sudie. As well as awesome clients like Nike, Sky Sports, and Frito Lay. ...more