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Music – Vancouver, BC

From Nanaimo, BC, Canada, Sweetdreams brings together broad influences and tight musicianship to create a rock band infused with the swagger of its own uniquity. Guitarist/vocalist Matt Chesterfield hauls in years of rock nostalgia, channeled through his airy yet percussive vocals. Keyboardist/vocalist Kendall Patrick’s pop and folk roots shine in her playing and vocal harmonies. Guitarist/vocalist Nick Begg is expressive in every sense of the word, pulling his new wave and alternative influences together into consistently innovative performances. Vintage krautrock influences drive drummer Raven Woods ornamental style as he plays off of bassist Jason Felker’s cool, collected approach. This and more is captured on Sweetdreams’ independently released debut album Sliver Lies. With plans for a sophomore release within the next year, Sweetdreams seems to be more than ready to keep showing what they’re made of. - Maguire Stevens ...more

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Showcasing in Vancouver, BC

ARISE at Celebrities – 14 Jul 2019 @5:00PM, 15 Jul 2019 @7:00PM

Exhibiting on: 15 Jul 2019 @7:00PM