Suzie Hartford Art

Visual Art – Vancouver, BC

My family emigrated from Slovakia to Canada when I was a young child. After spending sometime in Toronto we found our home in the quaint Pacific Northwest town of Maple Ridge, British Columbia. I have been fortunate to be able to raise my children in Maple Ridge and stay at home with them while they are young. Before motherhood, I worked in marketing and sales. I thoroughly enjoyed my previous jobs and fondly recollect how exciting the jobs were, especially when I got to share my creative viewpoints with the teams I worked with. I graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley where I studied business, media and communications. I love all these subjects and enjoyed my studies immensely. During my studies, I took creative art classes and adored working with my hands to create beautiful pieces. This is when I fell in love with mixed media art. I have always been a creative person at home, in my writing, in my out-of-the-ordinary ideas, and in my art! If you know one thing about me you know I am creative! ...more