WO-MAN by Stephan Castro

Performing Art – Montréal, QC

Presenting WO-MAN A piece that will bring a message about destroying stereotypes, sexism, homophobia and racism. To make understand to the society, that no matter what gender, age or background, we can work together and beauty should not be a label or have a certain look or body shape. The beauty, is you! A choreography by Stephan Castro*. Dancers; Andréanne Mercier, Émilie Savard, Jacqueline Trudel, Julien Derradj, Ludivine Ludosky, Mikkah Elle Kay, Stephanie Bouasria, Tina Young. *Stephan Castro is a professional dancer, choreographer and creative director, from Montreal city. Performing on the 27th of February 2019, he has gather 8 dancers, male and female, from different nationality, to deliver an important message. ...more