Spoken Wheel
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Music – Boise, ID

Spoken Wheel project members are Joel Klimes, Saul Solis, and Doug Morgan who began performing in Spring 2018. Klimes and Solis, originally from the Magic Valley, moved to Boise, Idaho to further advance their musical interests. Since then, they have been part of a rich musical history in Southern Idaho including Klimes with Coco Pele, A War in Me, and other sonic endeavors. Klimes and Solis have collaborated in composing and playing music for nearly two decades. Morgan, from Boise—and member of the band Moments4Shirley— joined the project in Autumn 2018. Besides his percussive abilities, Morgan provides engineering and production talent. Spoken Wheel invites you to experience its acoustic-rock vibe at a venue near you—and watch for downloadable content coming soon! ...more