Alexander Sharkey

Photography – Northern Rivers, NSW

My photography is drawn from the intrinsic values that make a scene interesting and beautiful. I am attracted to the often-disregarded subject. With the world around us moving so fast, sometimes we forget to pause and realize the hidden beauties within arm’s reach. However, something beautiful does not need to have the straightforward definition of beauty. Shapes, lines, and patterns, along with color, contrast, and lighting are aspects of beauty that attract my attention. My body of work encompasses moments in our natural surroundings, where scenes are not staged and people are not directed. The color and lighting are what naturally occur and the finished piece of art stays true to the original moment. However, my interpretation of nature is not simply flora and fauna or landscapes and sunsets. In a broader sense it is our environment, both organic and manmade. Our everyday scenery has become second nature and my goal as a photographer is to engage the viewer to perceive nature and our surroundings in an abstract manner. While abstract may seem as far from nature as possible, when our environment is captured in an unfamiliar way it allows that photograph to have an open definition. I use a camera to transform something real and resolute into something intangible that can be interpreted. I want this to spark a connection between the viewer and the image that begins a conversation and evokes an emotion. These feelings redefine something two-dimensional into something multi-dimensional, beyond what we perceive naturally. ...more