Visual Art – Phoenix, AZ

Paola was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia. She’s always had an affinity for animals and nature. This love motivated her studies in Ecology and Biology at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá. At twenty one years of age, Paola moved to the United States. Painting and photography are Paola’s passions and the means through which her creative vision finds expression. She manifests her love of nature and animals in photographs and on canvas with acrylic paints. She finds peace in expressing the subject matter she chooses…in particular Paola loves elephants…they represent courage, horses…they imply strength, owls…signify wisdom, trees…illustrate grounding and a connection to Earth, and finally, Buddha’s…they embody Spirituality and meditation. The process through which she creates her art is a visual expression of her connection to the ever supportive and eternally loving Universe. Paola also draws inspiration from having watched her Grandma paint when she was a child. Watching her, Paola learned about color, dimension, and texture. Paola says, “There comes a moment when the painting starts creating itself through the artist.” Paola witnessed this watching her Grandma Rosa…Later on, Paola experienced it through creating her own paintings. “My Grandma Rosa lives in every piece I create.” ...more