Seema Viswanath

Performing Art – Raleigh, NC

Seema Viswanath is an Indian Classical dancer basically from southern India who passionately performs two classical dances - Bharathanatyam and Kathak. She is blessed to learn both the art forms under legendary teachers Guru.Nandini Eswer and Guru.Dr.May Rao. She has been associated with art field since 20+ years and she says Dance is no more just an entertainment for her, it is a way of living. Adding to that she says, Indian art forms are spiritual, philosophical and divine. In the pursuit to spread spirituality through dance, she founded 'Nritya MayaNanda school of Arts' which literally means 'Dance creates an illusion to oneself to experience the ultimate bliss'. Seema has performed on hundreds of stages since 15+ years which includes several cities in India, USA and Sri Lanka. She has also directed three major dance productions in the span of 2 years in RTP area using all local musicians and dancers to raise the fund for Non profit organizations. Every show was complimented as unique and received standing ovation from the audience. Raleigh gave a warm welcome 3.5 years ago and she looks forward to serve the art field to her best potential. ...more