SeaWeaves by Roze Malone

Accessories – Boston, MA

Most of my life I’ve expressed my creativity through music as a classical violinist and currently as a rock-n-roll player with my band The MERJ. Over the years my artistic impulses carried me in many directions besides music to include repurposing furniture, macrame, dancing, decorating, garden design, etc... I’d seen wire wrapping, but I felt that was already being done by many artisans, and I needed to go beyond wrapping for a more personal expression. I found it in wire weaving. Wire weaving is a way for me to combine sea glass, vintage jewelry and creative expression. My approach to design is spontaneous; not planned, no templates, drawings, or jigs. No drills, no solder, no glue. I wanted to keep it organic as possible like the materials I use, simultaneously simple yet complex. As I’m creating, each design changes from moment to moment. I hope my art evokes memories of times at the beach, with loved ones, and the simple yet complex beauty of the ocean. ...more