Scöff Art

Visual Art – Montréal, QC

I am Rafa Scöff, a 25-year-old artist, native from a small town located near Quebec City, in Canada, where not much value is granted to the art. My numerous travels, but especially the incredible encounters with numerous artists, that urged me to persist in the assertion of my art: this is how I began to promote my talents and to improve my artistic techniques. I began to draw when I was barely walking and, since that moment, art has always been present in my life. It allows me to know myself better and to change my perspectives about life. Indeed, art work helped me to stop consuming drugs; this is why I consider that art has a transformative potential. It has become my lifestyle and my reason to live, and I am motivated by the constant renewing and innovation in my projects. Hip-hop culture has always been at the heart of my trajectory; this is how I discovered graffiti and what allowed me to direct my art to social change. Currently, the main medium I use is oil painting and spray, including serial stencils as well as brush painting. ...more