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Hello, Im Sammy Mo, a 24 year old HipHop/Pop/Alternative Artist from Kansas City, MO. I've loved music and been around it my entire life, thanks to my Mom, Aunts, and Uncles. My mom was a huge country fan and I remember her ONLY playing that when ever we were in the car. My uncle is a huge Beatles and Rolling Stones fan and really instilled the sounds of the 60's, 70's, as well as some Bob Marley in me. My aunt is a huge Folk fan and submerged me completely in that while growing up. My very first CD was Green Day's "American Idiot", and from there I fully dived into other bands from the 90's and beyond. I started off just rapping off the top of my head over beats (Freestyling) to peers when I was 15, but didn't take music seriously until I was 18. It took several years for me to achieve the sound that I have now, but I owe it all to my many musical influences and fellow peers that I make music with. You can learn much more about me through the lyrics in my music! ...more