Rhonna del Rio

Visual Art – Orange County, CA

RHONNA DEL RIO aka Yoga and Art Journey is an emerging Los Angeles artist with a dual passion for yoga and art. With a formal degree in architecture and a mastery in Feng Shui, Rhonna has transformed her vision for symmetry and functionality into a soulful expression of her journey on canvas and in space harmony. Her creativity holds a unique place in the world of personal expression and asana, from coffee filter drawings to full canvas depictions and a life lived on and off the mat, her inspirations are a cathartic tour de force getting her through difficult times and lending encouragement to her friends and clients. It’s her careful attention to loving energy that fuels every stroke of her brush making Rhonna’s paintings a living, breathing, artistic representation of the ancient practice of yoga. She touches on themes of light, love, freedom, divine feminine, balance, and purity, and each of her pieces glows an intimate shade of inner truth. ...more