Rachel Dawn Renaudin

Visual Art – Pittsburgh, PA

I have been painting and drawing as long as I can remember. In 2011, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania majoring in Painting along with minors in Drawing and Art History. Since then I have been actively showing in galleries throughout Northwestern Pennsylvania as well as fervently working freelance on commissioned work. For me, art is not only a visual representation of something, but also a way to communicate intellectual concepts where words fall short. Everytime I begin a piece of Art, I take very seriously the prospect that every work is an opportunity to say something to someone. With my artwork I compel the viewer to be the subject, as my compositions lead the observer inside the world of the painting. Keeping that in mind, I strive to achieve works that are personally relatable not just to artists but to the everyday person. I want the viewer to be momentarily trapped in someone else’s line of sight and learn something new by looking through a different pair of eyes. Please check out my website at www.rachelrenaudin.com and visit my official Facebook page at Rachel Renaudin: Traditional Painting and Drawing. ...more