Rachel Paul

Visual Art – San Diego, CA

Hi! My name is Rachel Paul and I am a senior at SDSU studying Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in art, sociology, and journalism. Art has always been a part of me and I would be so lost without it. I am fascinated about how human beings find identity through their culture, religion, and society and looking at the interconnectedness of all people and the world. Art is my way of expressing my identification with the world. At the same time, my artistic contribution helps guide my society to what I hope is a better, stronger, and more positive future. I hope that my art elicits a lightheartedness and brings you to a time or place of freedom, dance, music, and expression! May my art serve as a reminder to come from a place of peace and love, and also to not take life too seriously. For more of my work, find me on instagram rachelpaul_art. I sell prints of all of my work! Please DM me with any questions about my art, if you’re interested in buying prints, or with anything you want to share with me! ...more