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Beauty – Charlotte, NC

Hello, my name is Kathleen. I enjoy long walks at the park, taking care of people, and good hygiene. I have always been intrigued with soap making and creating handmade products. I have very sensitive skin. This led me on a journey to find the perfect bar of soap that agreed with my sensitive skin. I tried every product you can think of, and realized I had to use soap with natural ingredients that have medicinal properties in order to not have irritated skin. I still remember the day I tried my first bar of REAL soap! I have never gone back since. Now I want to share the joy of this with all of you. I am excited and to share this dream of mine with you. This journey led us to each other. Together we can nourish our skin and find joy in a simple and natural, yet highly effective way. The soap is my secret! Feel free to text or call me if you have any questions or would like to indulge in my amazing soap. ...more

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Showcasing in Charlotte, NC

ARISE at The Fillmore (18+) – Aug 21, 2019 @7:00PM