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Visual Art – Salt Lake City, UT

This exhibition I will show a line of illustrated cycling jerseys pulling from all avenues of my past illustrative lives. Please buy a ticket and help support my unveiling. I used to be a punk living in Vienna Austria. I've got a smathering of weird tattoos and was making show posters for the venue that was in our house (our house was an old elementary school turned squat turned house project) Then I found the bicycling scene making alleycats and building bikes, learning how to weld and have an angle grinder become my best friend and also, posters for cyclists <3. I moved back to America. Then herbs, I washed away the punk and started organising - professionally - and being clean even in the art. Florals, pastels, fluffy curves and weird wolf kids were then the aesthetic. Now I want to design cycling jerseys. These are all old pictures, and my new stuff might not be even close to this I hope you enjoy, thanks for reading. ...more