Nina Starlight and The Double Trouble

Music – Montréal, QC

Nina Starlight and the Double Trouble are inspired by Classic Burlesque and 20's-40's Hollywood glamour. The duo strives to transport the listeners to another era, and this is really what they do best! "[After a performance] I really felt like I was watching a scene from an old movie!!" Confessed a fan. This wonderfully entertaining act consists of Olga and Eugenia. "We both have largely a classical background in terms of training and education" said Olga, "and at the same time we so love jazz and pop and experiment with whatever we can get our hands on, from timeless classics like Cry Me a River and Summer Time to an acoustic cover of Bjork. Eugenia: "I have always accompanied classical musicians, (She met Olga soon after moving to Canada from Belarus in 2017), I couldn't have imagined that living in Montreal would lead me to playing Jazz!" Olga adds: "from the first moment that we played together, tested the waters, something really clicked for us, something fired up in us, the beautiful melodies of our beloved ballads, some with their dark yet hopeful mood, others playful and fun, the storytelling, the romance and theatrics behind such a performance, it's just so delicious." ...more

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Showcasing in Ottawa, ONT
IMPACT at Saint Brigid's – 21 Jun 2019 @7:00PM