Eccentric Visions-Natalie Avery

Visual Art – San Diego, CA

I am a spiritual intuitive artist and I started painting after taking an art for healing class. I was living in a very dark place emerging from the throes of depression. Believing I had no artistic talent I took the class anyways and found it to be absolutely transformational. Art was my emotional release. I also started a serious practice of meditation. I began creating art daily and began to feel a strong flow of energy through my hand as I drew or painted. I create without an outcome in mind. The result is a completed vision to me. As I create I channel a vision from spirit. I paint a bottom layer on the canvas and once it partially dries images come to me. I then go over that and finalize a painting. That is how the vision is relayed to me, and anyone else who sees the images that I see. The paintings all have numerous hidden images. ...more