Film – Kansas City, MO

My work explores the edges of the fantastic and the mundane, where I mix the enchanting with the truth. I am fascinated by the notion of walking the lines between waking, dreaming and memory, with a focus on the feminine. I feel that it is our perception of life that lasts, not necessarily factual information, and I strive to illustrate these ephemeral thoughts and fleeting moments through a variety of mediums. As I work, I constantly draw inspiration from my personal life. My dreams and my experiences have a great influence on my practice, and I find that is most beneficial to keep the mediums I choose as fluid as my thoughts. My visions take on many forms, and I find it only appropriate to experiment with film, performance, sculpture, animation and photography to fit my needs. Each practice offers its own illusionary properties, and in combination I find I am able to better portray the capriciousness of thought and recollection. Currently, I am focused on exploring my own opinions on the ideas of what it is to be feminine, what it is to be a feminist, and the relationship I share with my mother. These ideas are made visual through film work, costuming and performance. All of these notions draw directly from my own struggles as an adolescent, and are resurfacing now that I am able to really consider who I am becoming as an individual and the directions in which I want to take my life. ...more