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I am a freelance commercial (headshots/product/fashion/branding) and portrait photographer specializing in studio photography in Sacramento, CA. I offer photography services customized to add value to a business, including product images, personal branding, and headshots. Additionally, I rent out my photography studio space and teach private workshops for photography lighting. I believe that great photography is one of the most important investments you can make. Photos create that first impression on your website and social media that either capture peoples’ interest, communicating everything about quality and beauty in seconds before a word can be read. My mission is to curate unique imagery for your products that convey brand identity so you can SHOW the world how great your products are without having to tell them. When I'm not doing client photography, I enjoy creative projects utilizing traditional cultural themes and symbology from my Armenian heritage; I always try to include patterns, objects, and colors that are quintessential in Armenian culture in various fashion or product photoshoots. ...more

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IMPACT at Ace of Spades – Jun 12, 2019 @7:00PM

Exhibiting on: Jun 12, 2019 @7:00PM