Lobo Reincarnated Artist Nayana - Brooklyn

Visual Art – New York - Brooklyn, NY

Entirely self taught artist born in 1988, the core theme in Nayana\'s art is empathy. His art is a vessel through which he relays his experiences to the world and exposes areas of injustice which he wishes to change/ sees the need for change. Art is life and life is art, in art we trust. [Finalist in The David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 2014 Competition at Mall Galleries in London Finalist in The Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize 2010 (Youth). Winner/designer of the Adelaide University Sport Association Blacks logo. Finalist and artwork on the National Threatened Species Day Poster 2000 organised by the Australian Government.] [Exhibitions: Faces of Death - The last great carnivores (Solo show) 2014 (6 - 23rd of March) at M16 Artspace. Creating for Conservation Zoos SA (Group) 2008] ...more