Lindsey Garcia

Photography – Houston, TX

I’m Lindsey Garcia and I live for few things, mostly photography and film. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures of my friends, meals, feet, hands, or the astonishing world that we all call home. As long as my eyes can expose me to moments worth capturing and I will go to any means and seize the opportunity. I’ve stood on many restaurant chairs, laid down on foul city streets, and even temporarily forcefully surpassed my fear of heights just because I had an idea. I don't mind getting silly looks from random people at these places, such frivolous faces have never stopped me from capturing a picture. I know I am taking a dumb photo, but who cares what those people think, I love doing this. One doesn’t have to be amazing to do something nor to love doing it. I know I am not the the best photographer, but I will never stop me. I often feel as if my eyes see the world differently than most people. My camera--and phone--enhance my vision and allow me capture these distinctions. There is beauty all around us and each subject has different angles to appreciate. It's just a matter of capturing such beauty in frames, and I’m here to attempt my best at it. ...more