Left Hand Collective

Visual Art – Salt Lake City, UT

Two years ago, I began to feel a creative lack in my life. I have always loved working with my hands and seeing new ideas come together. I taught myself how to weave and macrame and Left Hand was born! I love using organic threads and cotton ropes. If I'm outdoors, especially near water, you can usually find me with an armful of driftwood that I can bring back to life by turning it into a piece of art for someone to love. On a personal note, my name is Caytlyn and you can call me Cate, Clayton, Carlton, or however you choose to pronounce my name. I'm 26, have one three year old daughter, and enjoy yoga and rock climbing when I can find the time! If I can't find free time, you'll probably find me with my daughter on my back going for a hike or just sitting on the backyard swing playing with the neighbors cats. Its an mellow life and we love it. ...more