LDP Imports ft. Ryan Donovan Art
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LDP Imports ft. Ryan Donovan Art

Visual Art – Washington, DC

Started in 2015, we have been searching for authentic and quality crafted art and collectables to bring to the world. We represent artists from small glass studios in Boise Idaho, to the world famous Vincent Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, and the renowned Cuban artist José Fuster. We work to make unique works of art that would otherwise be difficult to find, available for everyone! You can find our products on our website: Ldpimports.com, Amazon US, UK, & EU, and Etsy. This event we will be featuring Ryan Donovan from TryToCalmDown.com "I am a visual artist from California, living in Washington DC. I TRY to be the absolute best I can be, I make a lot of mistakes, in relationships, financially, in art, but no one can say I don’t work my ass off. I have TO. I work mostly in oil and spray paint on canvas. Art helps me stay CALM. I’m self taught and naive, but I actively do not want to be some pretentious kid who pretends to “get art”. Art is a beast. It doesn’t take much to get me DOWN, but when I’m up, watch out." -Ryan Donovan ...more

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Showcasing in Washington, DC

EVOKE at The Fillmore (21+) – Aug 21, 2019 @7:00PM