Visual Art – Sacramento, CA

As someone who was expected to be born an unhealthy baby and has proven otherwise, I never take for granted every moment life brings. I was named after an adelita (Mexican woman warrior), La Valentina, and I carry this name with pride. Having been born and raised in Sacramento has shown me the wonders diversity can bring to a community. Although, at a young age I knew that injustices and discrimination do not cease to exist; especially since I come from a big family of farm workers who have endured the Chicano Movement. I keep this in mind with almost every piece I create, embedding my culture and its history throughout my art. Within my 21 years of life I have been drawing seriously now for about 4 years, but I have had an interest in art ever since I can remember. Now I attend Sacramento City College and desire to transfer to a University in Southern California to obtain a degree in Art. Here in my hometown is where I’d like to spread the knowledge I’ll learn among the community, especially to those who don’t have it as easy when it comes to expressing themselves. ...more