Kandace Anderson

Visual Art – Dallas, TX

Kandace Anderson resides comfortably at the intersection of art, interior design and commerce. Born and raised in the Pleasant Grove neighborhood of Dallas, TX, she grew up a witness to her once wildly successful entrepreneurial parents. Her father, Kenneth, was the dreamer, sales man and portrait artist, the latter a fact he rarely offered then. Her mother, Alice, was her father’s right hand in the business and at home which she decorated with interesting combinations of baroque and modern prints. Kandace pursued the study of supply chain management at the University of North Texas. She dove into a career in purchasing in the aerospace industry, learning quickly that business analytics alone would never be fulfilling. After attempting a similar job in a different industry which also left her dissatisfied, she took a leap of faith and quit her job. She began designing interiors for a few close friends while working in home furnishings retail. Kandace never actually intended to become an artist; interiors were her passion. But she needed the perfect piece to complete her client’s space and she couldn’t find it, so she decided to paint it herself. Her client loved it and so did she. Kandace finds herself inspired by and focusing on abstract painting and its open mindedness, leaving so much said or unsaid on the canvas that the viewer must fill in the gaps. Craving texture, she often intentionally leaves raw canvas exposed or incorporates hand dyed printed paper into her works. Her subjects vary. Her current series include abstract portraits, a study in color mixing and a focus in forgiveness and healing through the practice of painting. Now, she is a full-time home furnishings ecommerce account manager by day and an artist by night, weekend or whenever she can squeeze in time to put brush to canvas between sixth grade soccer games alongside her husband or her baby boy’s bath time. ...more

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Showcasing in Dallas, TX
REFLECT at House of Blues Dallas – Mar 19, 2019 @6:30PM