Dj Joshwayy

Performing Art – Sacramento, CA

Joshua "Joshwayy" Smith was born and raised in Washington D.C. / Maryland. From there he has lived in locations such as North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida and now has recently taken root in the sunshine state of California. Since living living there he has developed himself into the great all-around entertainer that he is! ​ Joshwayy has created his business Joshwayy Productions where he provides Dj'ing, Hosting, Acting, along with other services. He has Dj’d on ESPN, Music videos, music festivals, and a huge range of other events! Joshwayy has also been making moves in the entertainment world from modeling to television work where he has starred in commercials, short films, anchored news broadcasts, field reporting and creating his own Original show named DRIVE (be on the lookout for that!). This success has made him successful with 13,000+ social media followers! He does not do what he does for the fame and recognition, but to change lives! One song can change someones day, week, month, year and even their outlook on life. So how can Joshwayy help you!? And remember “The Best way… is The Joshwayy!" ...more