Josh "Candy"

Performing Art – Edmonton, ALB

Josh was born and raised in Edmonton, AB. Watching the movies Honey and You Got Served religiously, he knew he wanted to start dancing. His passion for dance began right when he stepped into his first Hip Hop class at the age of 11. He trained at local studios 3rd Street Beat and Kore Dance Studio where he learned a variety of Urban/Hip Hop styles and even Contemporary. 3 years after he started dancing, he joined NXG Company, Founded & Directed by Alexander Chung! They have performed at many competitions, shows and have trained numerous times in Los Angeles. His love and passion for dance grew even more when he joined NXG. The family and environment he was surrounded with was what inspired him to pursue dance as a career. Some of Josh’s favorite dance moments was dancing for Janet Jackson at her “Unbreakable” World Tour in Edmonton, competing at World Hip Hop Championships numerous times, and dancing in shows Produced by NXG Company/Kore Dance Studio. 
Performing and sharing his craft with other dancers is one of many things Josh loves. “I love connecting and getting inspired by other Artists. It’s crazy how this art form can impact the way we feel and view the world!” Josh hopes to inspire others positively as he continues this journey with his career. ...more