John Lemieux

Photography – San Diego, CA

All my life I have loved the outdoors. Starting at a young age I frequently went camping with my father and my whole family was always going places and doing things outdoors. Being in the San Diego area put me close to the coast, the desert and the mountains and each of these unique landscapes left their impression on me. I grew up in the time when digital cameras were just beginning to overtake film, and I had an interest in technology which hooked me on cameras, and especially what could be done with them which was outside of the ordinary. The concept of capturing moments in time was very interesting to me. I became more serious about photography around 2007 when a family trip motivated me to learn how to get good photos to document it. I spent several years living in Mammoth lakes which provided me with many opportunities to see what I am convinced are some of the most beautiful places in the world and to photograph them. My aim with my photographs is to create images that convey to the audience what I felt when I was there taking the picture. ...more