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Photography – Vancouver, BC

Jim found his passion for photography in his early teens after joining the high school camera club He took photo’s for years as a hobbyist and also as a professional the area of photojournalist. Jim has shot a variety of subjects over the years and has a collection of automobiles and horses that would catch anyones eye. He is a photoshop expert and can answer almost any question Jim has won numerous medals and HM’s from C.A.P.A. 11 gold 6 silver and 3 bronze and his work has been published many times most recently cover page of Surrey Arts Council Magazine Also was honoured with the FCAPA award which is one the highest houser with CAPA Jim for the last 4 years has become a fan of digital painting and does some wonderful work, he has a creative mind and does excellent composites. Jim has sold work in Europe/USA/Asia and Canada. ...more

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Showcasing in Vancouver, BC

ARISE at Celebrities – 14 Jul 2019 @5:00PM, 15 Jul 2019 @7:00PM

Exhibiting on: 15 Jul 2019 @7:00PM