James Hettick Photography

Photography – San Diego, CA

In a day and age where the quantity of photos is more important than quality of photographs, I strive for the latter. It makes me think of my childhood in Central Oregon. There are exactly six childhood photos that my mom has of me, two other photos from my friends from school, and I've often wondered how many photos I am sitting in the back of. I don't have photographs to show you of my favorite dog, the tears in my eyes summiting Mt. Hood in a snowstorm as my body was screaming in agony, the gang of hooligans I called my friends covered in dirt, the memories I want to show you. I can only try and describe the memories which always seem to fall short. These memories are cornerstones of my character. One of the reasons for this lack of documentation is because photographers where so expensive and always have a cookie cutter agenda. With this in mind, I set out to be a different kind of photographer. One that is more affordable, willing to make your memories how you want to be remembered, and to be more flexible comparatively to the rigidness of the normal photography stations. ​Through internships with SJT Photography, years of research, and hard work, I have come to a point that I can make your dream a reality. Every step that I have taken has been in the direction of bettering the photography world and building the connection between the masses and the lens by helping run community classes for photography with Desert Passion Workshops. ...more