Rocky Profile Picture
Music – Vancouver, BC

Theatrically driven, jazz influenced, and classically trained, Rocky is a passionate breath of fresh air. She brings her grounded sunny disposition to life through her sweet bedroom tunes, rocking ballads, and multi-movement pieces. Inspired by Jack Johnson, Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker, John Mayer, and Eddie Vedder, she writes of love and loss, mental battles, and sometimes superheroes. Rocky is no stranger to the spotlight having been performing since the age of 6. She started her singer/songwriter career off with a bang recording a 6 song EP and is being sought after to perform all over Vancouver- personal highlights being Trees Organic, Cartems, and the Shabbat SnOassis at the True Nosh Kitchen (all venues having delicious food, which is on par with her love for music) Rocky loves her city and getting to know all the beautiful people in it by playing cool gigs in cool venues with cool people. She’ll be travelling to Colombia in the spring to delve into a different side of her musical background. ...more