Jenine McCann

Visual Art – Vancouver, BC

Jenine finds inspiration in all things nature. Very recently moving from Ottawa to Vancouver, the new scenery has sparked new ideas and creativity for her paintings to include mountains, various skylines, and the tall pine tree, her signature element. Inspired by landscapes and wildlife, Jenine incorporates different textures and many bold colours into her work. It was only in the past few years that she has truly embraced and developed her love for painting with acrylics, and most recently alcohol inks. Art has always played a role in Jenine’s life. She enjoyed taking art classes throughout school and has always sketched and painted in her spare time. She discovered her love of teaching when approached by a venue back in the Ottawa area to teach paint night classes. Teaching paint nights quickly turned into a weekly gig and she hopes to soon bring her classes to the Vancouver area once settled. Jenine loves being a part of others art experiences and has discovered that helping others to explore their creative side is one of her biggest passions in life. She believes and lives by the motto that there is so much freedom in the creative process. ...more

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Showcasing in Vancouver, BC

IMPACT at Celebrities – 14 Apr 2019 @5:00PM, 15 Apr 2019 @7:00PM