Performing Art – Salt Lake City, UT

Born and raised in SLC, UT, my dance journey started when I was able to walk. Watching MJ videos on TV, I began mimicking what I saw. It came natural to me. Danced up until high school, and lost the spark. Just started worried about normal high school problems and making sure I got into college. Wasn't until I was about 20 that I got back into Dancing. My friend (and lifetime dance partner) and I started freestyling late nights wherever we could. He told me about a class he was going to, and that's when the spark came back. Saying it was a spark is an understatement, it was more of a raging fire that was laying dormant inside me, I just didn't have the right avenues to grow and expand my craft. One thing lead to another, then one class lead to another, and then one session lead to another. That spark hasn't left since. ...more