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Jarrid Scott is a Dawson Springs, Kentucky born Illustrator and received his BFA in Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. Some of his most favored mediums include but are not limited to, sculpture, acrylic painting, pencil, and printmaking. With these mediums he keeps his inner child alive creating fantastical dream like works that touch on realism. In 2013 he was introduced to works of Max Ernst, his Automatism process was love at first sight. Since then he begins many works using liquid painting processes to form the base of his work. He then adds detailed illustrations on top of these backgrounds through the use of illustration board and tracing paper. As a Libra he loves all things shiny, reflective glamorous and as such uses materials like gold/silver leaf, jewels, glitter and resins in his works because he loves what light like automatism can bring into the work. His most recent sculpture works take form with damaged or discarded taxidermy. Jarrid had a taxidermy deer given to him that he left in storage for years, until one day he realized how wasteful this act was. Jarrid attempts to bring honor and enlightenment into these animals through the use of crystals, beads, jewels, insects, goldleaf, silver leaf, and light. He combines species through the use of pattern as well as sculpture. He Incorporates many animals together to convey the idea of how connected animals are to one another and how we must see their collective beauty as we too are a dependent of their survival. He was accepted into the Governors School of the Arts in 2010. He has been featured in Seventeen magazine for winning the 2011 International Stuck at Prom Duck Tape Contest and currently has a Mural on Ocean Drive in Miami. FL. Some of his printmaking works have been published in Out of Step Book and he has shown works throughout the South East. ...more

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Showcasing in Atlanta, GA

IMPACT at The Masquerade – Jun 27, 2019 @7:00PM

Exhibiting on: Jun 27, 2019 @7:00PM