James Sanders Art

Visual Art – Phoenix, AZ

My work is mostly expressionism. Life experiences and quiet observations provide the subject matter and color choices for my artwork. I improve the quality of my work by experimenting stylistically, and each collection reveals a personal journey. • Phoenix Theatre and Gallery. Solo exhibition, January 2003 • Alexander Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ. Solo exhibition, September 2003 • Coe House Gallery, Phoenix, AZ. Resident Artist, April 2004-October 2006 • Roosevelt Historic Art and Tour, Phoenix, AZ. October 2004 • The Gold Spot Gallery, Phoenix, AZ. Solo exhibition. November 2004 • Art Resources Gallery, Minneapolis, MN. Group exhibition. February 2005. • Zest Café and Gallery, Phoenix, AZ. Solo exhibition August 2005 • Copendrag Art Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ. Featured artist, July 2006-July 2008 • 9th and Pierce Gallery, Phoenix, AZ. Solo exhibition, October 2006 • Copendrag Art Studio and Gallery, Wilmington, NC. Solo exhibition, December 2008 • True Love Antique and Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Solo exhibition, October 2009 • Art Basel, Miami, FL. Solo exhibition, December 2010 • Art In The Airport, Asheville, NC. Group exhibition. June-August 2013 • Hotel Indigo, Asheville, NC. Group exhibition. May-August 2014 • garfield galleria, Phoenix, AZ. Guest Artist. November 2018 • Found RE Art Hotel, Phoenix, AZ. Group exhibition. November-December 2018 • Alta Camelback Luxury Community, Phoenix, AZ. Solo exhibition. November 2018 • Everything Beautiful, Phoenix, AZ. Group Art Show February 2019 ...more

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Showcasing in Phoenix, AZ
IMPACT at The Pressroom – May 09, 2019 @7:00PM