Jacob Seyer
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Music – Vancouver, BC

Vancouver based and internationally acclaimed artist, Jacob Seyer showcases an exciting and fluid musical aesthetic along with an extensive grasp of guitar technique. Recently returned from an international tour with concerts in Canada, USA, and South America, Jacob’s newest full length album, “Migration” is quickly gaining traction as a groundbreaking collection of new music for the guitar, telling stories of loss, movement, and re-integration. Described as "tremendously unique and powerful," and "deep and multi-layered," Jacob’s performances of instrumental guitar music are progressive, energetic, and introspective, blending elements of modern percussive guitar, contemporary classical and jazz, and various folk musics. Since graduating in 2017 with a Masters Degree in Guitar Performance at the University of British Columbia, Jacob has filled his schedule with performing, teaching, volunteering for local and international music non-profits, and producing music with support from around the world. ...more