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Music – Kansas City, MO

Ivy is an up and coming singer/ songwriter from the Kansas City Area. Ivy has done a variety of things. From singing, writing, playing piano and, guitar to producing beats, she continues to grow into her artistry. Her style ranges from feel good 90’s R&B, hip hop to acoustic style music, neo soul, and pop. “Take a little bit of India Arie, throw in some Lauryn Hill, with dab of TLC and SWV style, add some Brandy to taste, and garnish it with Eyrkah Badu soul, and you have Ivy.” Those are a few of the comparative artists mentioned when people describe Ivy. You can see the influence of these timeless artists in her, as well as the spin she puts on it to create her individuality as an artist. “She is very unique, she has her own style, and she doesn’t fit in one category. I can see her going very far.” –Local Supporter Ivy’s latest project released is titled “Bad Intuition”. This album includes some of the musical flavors mentioned earlier, and gives listener a deeper look into her creative mind, while allowing her to showcase her skills as a singer, songwriter, producer, and musician. “Her album does a great job of contrasting the negative and positive life experiences, and since you cant appreciate sunshine without rain, I can definitely relate to a lot of her music. In a society where music is often robbed of emotion, I can definitely appreciate a voice that can move me to tears” -Bad Intuition Album Release Party Guest Ivy is currently working on her 2nd album. When asked in interview about her future plans and musical journey thus far she replied; “I’m excited anytime I’m able to share a creative piece of me with people, I’m even more excited when people receive and understand it. It makes it that much more real. Music has a way of bringing people together, and that’s what I plan to do… Music is one of the greatest gifts given to me. I only wish to give that gift back to the world.... I don't have a label, I'm one of a kind. I want my music to stand for something in peoples hearts." ...more