Inti Huaman Designs

Visual Art – Dallas, TX

Inti Huaman is a full time freelance graphic designer & artist, based out of Denton, TX. Originally from New York, Inti moved to Plano, TX where he graduated PWSH in Twenty-Sixteen. With three and a half years of experience, he has worked on various commissions for local bands, venues, and small businesses across DFW, Austin, Houston, Boston, and San Francisco. Main influences are; Pop art, Psychedelic poster art from S.F. and Austin, TX of the Nineteen-Sixties, Art Nouveau movement of the late Eighteen-Hundreds. Dig it: Acid Carousel, Pearl Earl, The Moths, Sealion, Sub-Sahara, The Bralettes, King Country, Cosmic Chaos, The Millbrook Estates, RVRCT. ...more

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Showcasing in Dallas, TX
REFLECT at House of Blues Dallas – Mar 19, 2019 @6:30PM