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Victoria PB

Visual Art – Montréal, QC

I'm a grade 10 student born in Montreal. I've always had a passion for all of the arts such as dance, singing and photography but in the past years, I started gaining love for my childhood hobby, drawing. It all started with a few drawings that triggered my interest in experimenting with new media such as pastels and various types of paint. It took awhile to find who I was as an artist, and, my art style still shifts from style to style. Abstract art is my favourite because everybody interprets and sees different things through every brush stroke or pattern which I enjoy as it enables individual appreciation of my work. I wish to continue to grow as an artist and develop my style overtime . ...more

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Showcasing in Montréal, QC

IMPACT at LE THÉÂTRE RIALTO – 07 May 2019 @7:00PM, 08 May 2019 @7:00PM