Michael Vigneux Art

Visual Art – Vancouver, BC

I have always been drawn to visual arts. As a child I painted abstract with watercolor. I as teen did a lot of aerosol art and acrylic on canvas. I did 2 years of foundation work at OCAD in Toronto, one year in their self-directed studio program in Florence Italy, and another year in thesis. During that time I learned a lot bout visual culture and my own practice. Since completing my undergraduate degree I have been dedicated to my studio practice. I have researched my concepts, traveled to places that inspire and inform my artistic process. Moreover I have taken on new challenges in teaching. I enjoy working with a group of young dedicated people. As I teach them I am learning too; giving instruction sharpens my awareness of the artistic process. In my 30 years as an artist I have learned to have fun, and be serious at the same time. ...more