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Blazed Fluid Art

Visual Art – Phoenix, AZ

I am a 24 year old Arizona Native, Comprised of paint and glitter. I came into this world a natural-born creative, A passion to paint transmitter. Never fell victim to the gridlock of the 9-5, Working at Dutch Bros has connected me to my community. Found myself backpacking the European countryside, Leading me to the most transcendent of opportunities. Every new day is a chance to ignite my own fire, Choosing to be the change I wish to see in this world. Taking on adversity to propel my art even higher, Enjoying the journey as I let this crazy life unfurl. So here I present to you a collection of my works, The passion in each piece is a product of my quirks! ...more

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Showcasing in Phoenix, AZ

ARISE at The Pressroom (21+) – Aug 08, 2019 @7:00PM