Music – Montréal, QC

Aasari is a Montreal born and bred artist, upon releasing his first EP back in 2016 "Birth of A. King, Aasari had immediately caught the attention of reputable organizations, one that tops the list would be the directors of La Voix. Aasari has performed at several venues, such as Club Soda, Blue Print, and Kiss Lounge, he aspires to soon perform at festivals in the near future. Aasari's blend of gospel, soul, R&B, and Frank Oceanesque sound, creates art that have many listeners get in touch with their own emotions. His music is soulful, relatable, and most importantly, "Real." Aasari aspires to be remembered amongst greats, in representation of himself, his city, and most importantly his relationship with humanity. Peeling back the layers of his heart, thoughts and soul, through his music Aasari, seeks to connect with listeners in a language that vibrates at its core of every human being; LOVE. ...more