J. Andy Moreno

Film – Phoenix, AZ

J. Andy Moreno is a graduate of Full Sail University\'s Digital Cinematography Bachelor of Science degree program where he was class Salutatorian and Advanced Achiever. Andy has a passion for film and music and is the owner of The Mighty Motion Picture Company. Andy continued his studies with the Global Cinematography Institute in Los Angeles, California where he studied under legendary cinematographers Yuri Neyman, ASC and Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC. He developed advanced skills in ‘Expanded Cinematography’ that incorporated the new visual effects and technological advancements of the digital film industry into his professional skill set. As an award winning cinematographer, Andy understands the work and dedication that is necessary to bring truly cinematic images to the screen and that every day is an opportunity to continue challenging himself as an artist, technician and business owner. He has positioned himself in the independent filmmaking community within Phoenix as one of the best and brightest new talents to come out of the Valley of the Sun. His work includes, ‘Doubting Thomas’, ‘The Lights’, ‘Mack: Chapter 1 - The Ghosts of Dockland’ and was Cinematographer on ‘Stolen Afternoon’. Andy continues to work on a variety of freelance projects and is pursuing opportunities to network and engage other likeminded artists who are motivated by the collaborative spirit that only the arts can provide. ...more