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House 6 Music is a collective of rappers and engineers. The collective/Label is owned by Gavidann, GynxDon & iJord4n who are also rappers under the collective. While GynxDon and iJord4n does dabble in the making of the beats and mixing, Gavidann is the brain behind all operation, he makes the beats as well as he mixes the songs. Gavidann, GynxDon and iJord4n met while in highschool working at McDonald's part-time. Gavidann started making beats in 2012, by then him and iJord4n had lost contact with each other due to unforeseen circumstances and ran back into each other sometime in 2013 when they realized they were both in the same homeless shelter. It hasn't always been easy but when they both realized they loved music, Gavidann would send beats to iJord4n for him to record over, none of them ever thought to take it seriously. When Gavidann moved out of the shelter, him and GynxDon would meet up on weekends to make music, at that point is when Gavidann decided he would rap over his own beats as a means of saving them or in other words, not letting them go to waste because other than a few, no one saw his talent. As for iJord4n he decided to go to school for Audio Engineering in hopes of learning to make beats, mix and master and to gain industry experience. The story behind the name House 6 is from a transitional housing shelter Gavidann was in, that's when he first started making beats. GynxDon and iJord4n immediately jumped on board to support this name and in 2016 they decided to start taking the music seriously because from what they put out there were great reactions from friends and peers. Each artist will ultimately put out their own music but for now they all collaborate with each other in the collective, each artist bringing their own flavour to the table, in hopes for recognition and notoriety. They decided 7 months ago to attend open mics, perform at house parties and club events and they haven't looked back since. Their most recent performance at Coast 2 Coast Live, which happens to be one of the biggest hip hop showcases in North America, has brought a lot of attention to them and the offers for shows has continued to flow in. They're currently working on putting out their first album as a collective. While working on their individual projects for the years to come. ...more