HAUS OF kimbralou

Fashion – Brisbane, QLD

HAUS OF kimbralou started with Kimbra salvaging and customising thrifted pieces where they were made into exclusive designs then sold at suitcase rummage. Two months later, August 2017, RAW AUSTRALIA unexpectedly emailed, calling it Fashion Design that was suitable to be showcased. Runway models were then quickly scouted off the street for the perceived ability to ‘own’ the ‘loud’ pieces. Now, in little over a year, after nine Runways, there remains an official group of engaged , multitalented individuals who have proven their ability to own themselves. The Models/HMUA/Stylists who ‘own’ the kimbralou pieces are: Sven, Albert, Tessa, Jacob,Jesse & Lily. Sven is also the Runway Music/Choreography Director. Mid 2018 kimbralou designs were validated and selected to showcase at prestigious local Runway Events , with MBFF being the first of a planned five Runway Campaign. Here, Richard Smith was one of the official MBFF Runway photograpghers and has aligned himself with the HAUS from this event. The HAUS OF kimbralou, being the Designer,Models and Photograpgher, basically pool their creative talents together to showcase to the world what at the end of the day is a good idea to slow fast fashion. The worlds eyes are indeed on us after three recent unsolicited emails giving kimbralou exclusive invitation to showcase on Runways at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. The philosophy underpinning this fast pace emergence of kimbralou, the sustainable fashion brand, is ‘slowburn’ so that a peak is not reached too early and quality of work can be maintained. Hungry eyes never get fed. ...more