Geno the Great

Visual Art – Austin, TX

Geno Escobedo Grew Up And Lives In The Beautiful City Of Austin Texas. His Passion For Art Began At A Young Age. Living In The Live Music Capitol Of The World He Was Surrounded By Art And Music. With The Love Of Graffiti, Cartoons, Doodling, & Fashion. He Quickly Fell In Love With Creating Art, After Many Years Of Experimenting With Acrylics & Spray Paints. Art Became A Passion. He Then Him Expanded His Art And Tapped Into New Areas Of Emotion He Had Not Yet Explored. Now Days, He Is Inspired By How We See Beauty In Todays World, Mixed Emotions In Media, & Self Empowerment. Today, Geno's Work Is A Bold Mix Of Styles, From A Clean Cartoon Look To Graffiti To Abstract Pop Art. He Brings A Unique And Creative Emotional Feel To His Art And Fashion Through A Unique Balance Of Color And Design. ...more