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Visual Art – Vancouver, BC

My name is Frank Darko and I'm from Italy. Born and raised in an artist family in a small village in Italy I decided at the age of 19 to move in the other side of the world, inspired by my dreams to become a recognized artist where I had the possibility to start a new life. Once I arrived in Vancouver CA, I started day by day to reach all my goals, even if wasn't easy I never gave up. One of my biggest goals is that my art reach the power to inspire and change people life. Art for me is everything, art is part of my soul, my artworks are mostly realistic portraits but, in this new coming art show I decided to push my art further and try to do something in a different direction that I usually do. I’ll be showing my new comic book called The crazy adventures of Frank , everything comes from my imagination and finally I have this amazing opportunity to share it to the world. Can’t wait to show my art and to meet all the other amazing Raw Artists. ...more

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Showcasing in Vancouver, BC

ARISE at Celebrities – 14 Jul 2019 @5:00PM, 15 Jul 2019 @7:00PM