Visual Art – Vancouver, BC

Emilie is a 26 year old, self taught artist, who loves to create watercolour paintings over the past 2 years. Currently living in Langley BC, with her spouse 2 cats and husky puppy. She took a risk and left her full time job working at a credit union then pursed being a full time artist, and her life as changed for the best! She loves how much it soothes her soul, brightens her spirit and helps find her centre. Emilie's inspiration comes from a love of nature from her travels around the world. Her work resonates with a place where nature and modern bohemian aesthetic collide. She plans on selling their townhouse to convert a bus into a tiny home and travel across North America while sharing her art with the world. ...more

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Showcasing in Vancouver, BC

IMPACT at Celebrities – 14 Apr 2019 @5:00PM, 15 Apr 2019 @7:00PM